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At Xploitz we made an intensive research about the different and popular methods to hack Facebookwhere we have tested most of them and analyzed their performance, contrariness, value and effectiveness. We expose you which of them actually worksand which are nothing more than a scam with the purpose of taking your money or your data.

Why Hack Facebook Xploitz Rulz?

Facebook has become over the years the social network that has received the highest proportion of assaults and hacking attempts, since it has more than 2 billion individuals around the world, which in addition to making it the most popular design, it also represents a limitless source of very substantial information for many.

In this way they are not equal and personal causes for which many people want or try to log in to another user's Facebook accountAlthough this article is not to consider anyone, it is of colossal consideration to clarify that this article is for academic purposes, if the information obtained here you decide to use it with other objectives, it will be under your duty.

Is it possible to hack Facebook in 2021?

It's a question that has been asked hundreds of times on Google, and for us at Xploitz Rulzis among the causes of doing this research, and we have good news, if it is possible to Hack a Facebook account in 2021.

Today there are several effective techniques to spy on someone else's Facebook pageThe price and the contrariness of which have the opportunity to change, but their performance tends to be satisfactory if applied in the right way. However, there are other methods or sites that give this system, which do not work and often turn out to be scams.

Many individuals all over the world are looking for ways to breach Facebook's security and thus enter the account of another person in that work platform, then go to the Internet to find a method or service that allows them to carry it out, this makes them likely victims of this type of pages, which only want to keep your money or your data.

If you are trying to find this type of services it is important that you have great caution contracting any of these pages, since they only sell smoke and mirrors with the purpose of finding your data o remove your money. To avoid falling into traps like this, here are some of the most important most effective methods to hack Facebook and we expose to you which ones are false.

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What are the methods to hack Fb?

Over the years, different methods were created to violate the security of this colossal work platform, of which few work, however, in Xploitz Rulz we want to explain to you the performance and effectiveness of all of them.

Hack Facebook for free

Let's start with the free methods to hack Facebook MessengerOn the Internet there are hundreds of pages that provide this system without any charge, where just by entering the url of the user purpose, or their basic data, this website can display all the information of that person.

Unfortunately, hacking into a secure work platform like Facebook is not that easy, so most (if not all) of these sites do not workThey always have a hidden purpose, whether they ask you to download a program or install a browser extension.

Free Facebook hacking services

Knowing that the majority of humans who want to log in to another FacebookIf you are always looking for websites that offer it for free, we have chosen 3 of the most popular ones, whose services turn out to be fake:

Hack Facebook lyli98

We are talking about a web page whose only "service" it provides is that of the Hacking of Facebook accountswhere you have to enter the url of the person you want to hack in the search bar of the site, and this after a few minutes will tell you that you already have all the information in your account (data, username and password).

Of course, of course this page is fake in the same way as their service, the information they manage to show you is wrong, and when you try to download it, you will be redirected to other advertising websites that force you to understand, this being their real purpose.

Hack Facebook atrackv8

In the same way as the previous one, this page provides only this system, and works in the same way: you have to copy the url on Facebook of the user to hack, and then click on the button "spy Facebook"and the web then has as a function everything.

In the same way, this page only provides false informationIt is a recurring feature of this type of service, whose purpose is simply to drive traffic to advertising sites in order to get paid for it.

Hack Facebook muffintab

Although this website has a better professional front-end design, it works exactly the same as the previous ones. We're talking about a page that provides this system, which is falseto attract traffic and redirect it to other sites with paid advertising banners.

In this situation, this site actually provides a mobile app available on IOS and Android, which gives it an apparent reliability. However, their service is still fake and does not work.

From Xploitz we suggest you not to use this kind of sites as you will only waste your time on them.

Hire a Facebook Hacker

This is surely one of the most risky and costly configurations of all those available on the Internet. However, it can also be one of the most effective, although this is linked to the capabilities and professionalism of the hacker you hire.

Finding a subject that performs this type of services is subjectively easy, as you can help some specific forums that deal with this topic, however it is not advisable to carry it outbecause no one can guarantee that the hacker disappears with your moneykeep in mind that these people work completely anonymously.

How to Hack Facebook without survey

The colossal majority of pages that give hack Fb accounts for freethey always ask you for something in return. Whether it's downloading a program, having an extension for your browser, or the most common, filling out a survey. This is because these types of occupations create a considerable profit for the website.

So, these services they're not as free as they lookYou have to invest your time to do that requirement. However, if it was an effective hack, it would be worth it to do it, but in most situations these pages don't work and they only give you false information.

We do not suggest that you use this type of service. free, as in many cases, these downloads of all methods are viruses that have the opportunity to remove important information from your PC or actually cause damage to it.

How to spy on someone else's Facebook fast

Until this time we are only talking about free methods, which in most situations are fake and only seek to remove your data or use you to find money through inquiries, advertising or software downloads. However there are methods that do workwhose satisfactory results are certified by hundreds of individuals on the Internet..

Hack Facebook Now!

It should be emphasized that these methods to hack Fb are from paymentbecause, contrary to free pages, these ones do. guarantee the effectiveness of their services. Among the most used and most effective ones available on the web are the following:

1) Using Keylogger

The Keylogger is among the most used programs to violate the security of many interfaces, including communities such as Facebook, because despite being an outdated method (it has been used for decades) its performance has evolved over time and continues to expose colossal effectiveness.

What is a Keylogger and what is it?

We are talking about a computer program, whose algorithm is designed to trap or record all the information entered through the keys or touch keyboard of a specific device such as computers, mobile phones, Tablet, etc..

To hack Facebook using this method, it is required to have the Keylogger on the PC or mobile device of the intended user. This is done by sending the program in a hidden way via email address or communities, in a file such as a photo or a video.

When the user opens the file, the Keylogger will automatically and unobtrusively install itself on the intended user's device. Then it will send the information obtained from it periodically to your email address, where you can find among other things the user's name and Facebook password of the person's purpose.

Disadvantages of this method

One of the primary disadvantages of using a Keylogger to spy on FacebookThe first thing is that the security systems of communities and providers of electronic messaging systems such as Google, have advanced antivirus. Which detect in most cases the files that have inside these programs, alerting the user of their presence.

In addition, on the Internet there is a colossal amount of Keyloggers accessible on the network, which in addition to having some very high coststheir effectiveness is not guaranteed. Since they are often discontinued and are not available anymore, their effectiveness is not guaranteed. do not work accurately.

We suggest that if you plan to use a Keylogger to hack FacebookIf you have any questions about the performance and effectiveness of the product, please contact us.

2) Using cell phone spy applications

This represents the convenient option to log in to someone else's Facebook pagebecause of all the methods that we researched and also tested at Xploitzthis is the one that presented greater effectivenessIt is also the most recurrent form in the network and the one of largest number of positive reviews.

What is a spy application?

These applications are spyware programs whose effectiveness is very high so they are the most used today, being the easiest way to hack into a Facebook account or any other social network, as they also offer other very useful functions.

Its growing popularity has caused different Apps of this type to come to the market, which has forced us to consider the top 5 spy applications accessible. Achieving very practical results in most of them, however there was one that stood out above the others for exhibiting optimum effectiveness: mSpy.

mSpy is the convenient option to spy or hack FacebookIts performance lies in monitoring and recording 24 hours a day all the information received and sent by the user on his device or PC, including this social network.

To make this type of application, it is required to install it on the device or PC of the intended user, which only takes a few minutes. Once the application is enabled and synchronized, it will start recording all the activity of the person on Facebook and any social network.

To find access to this information and records, all you have to do is log in to the mSpy through some browser, whose use is very easy and deductible. In addition, this application is multipurpose, as it has many more functions than its competitors being the one of greatest versatility on the market.

Among the main configurations provided by mSpy are the following:

  • Access to all Facebook chat dialogs
  • Web history of all activity on Facebook and other social networks
  • Instant GPS location (on the location of the devices)
  • Multimedia Access
  • Hack someone else's Instagram
  • It has a very effective built-in Keylogger
  • Log calls and SMS

Download Facebook Hacking Application!

And many other settings that make mSpy the most considerable method to hack Facebook today.

How do I stop my Facebook account from being hacked?

As you know, there are different methods to hack Facebookthen it is essential to take the primary expectations to avoid violating the security of your account in that social network, in Xploitz we have experience in relation to the prevention of this type of assaults is related, for that reason we offer you some announcements to avoid them:


  • Only start your Facebook session on your PC or mobile device, prevent opening it on public computers.
  • Do not download or make programs or files of unknown origin.
  • Maintain or turn on Facebook identity settings
  • Do not carry out easier for an extended time your mobile or Tablet to someone you distrust
  • Continuously change or update your Facebook session passwords

If you follow these tips, you can avoid having your account hacked.


No one questions that hack a Facebook account not only is it possible, but it also happens to be an easy activity if you use the right utilities.If you know of any other method that is more effective than the one presented in this text, please let us know. If you know of another method more effective than those presented in this text, please let us know.


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